hookers and blow save christmas

The book that might
save your Christmas!

Tongue in cheek holiday book makes a
great Christmas stocking stuffer Idea!

Tom Transport is stuck in a snowdrift with all the presents for the town Christmas party! It's up to Hookers the tow truck and Blow the snowblower to make their way through the snow to save the day....and the party!

Hookers and Blow Save Christmas is a fun, illustrated story for the kids that while still finding time to be subtly cheeky enough for adults to have a snicker here and there (depending on how your brain is wired).

What started out as a silly title idea 13 years ago has become a cherished holiday item! Well...maybe cherished is stretching it a bit, but folks sure are getting a kick out of it.

hardcover book

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What people are saying...

"My wife discovered the book by accident on Amazon. I just had to buy it, and it arrived today! (12/21) Just in time for Christmas! I read it out loud and we quite enjoyed it! Everyone needs Hookers and Blow for Christmas!"

Wesley T.

"My mother in law gave me “the look” but the rest of the family couldn’t hold in the laughter as my nephews read the book out loud to me. They love trucks and books! It was a magical Christmas gift for all."

Eric S.

"We don’t currently have any little ones in the family but just had to have a copy of this book. It didn’t disappoint! We read the book Christmas morning to our adult children amidst giggles and guffaws. Everyone got a kick out of it. The art work is superb and the typeset features a cool font."

Sandra L.

"Kids will love it, as well as double entendre loving adults."

Wayne P.

"If you ever needed the perfect stocking stuffer idea, this has got to be it!"

Tiara C.

"Buy it for the title, enjoy it for the story! A nice tale for the kids with a few smirks for the adults along the way."

Pam K.

"It's like Go the F... to Sleep funny for adults....but is a story you can actually read to your kids!"

Susan B.

"If you are looking for the perfect xmas gift idea...."

Jen S.

"OMG! This is the funniest thing. I am so getting this for my nephew's kid!"

Meaghan V.

"People read this to their kids? Yes, they do! A good story about friends helping out, but enough twists for an adult mind."

Ryan M.

"OMG!!! Where do I get this?"

Chelsea M.

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